Simple sequence progression

There is a lot of talk about being in sequence which essentially is using the kineticĀ  chain of the body. This sequence is essentially hips, shoulders, then hands and bat.

Here is the progression:

1. Inward turns:

You start by slightly shifting the weight into the back hip, some call it sit in the back hip. This move can also be preset as the pitcher winds up. Make sure the weight stays on the rear instep, don’t shift over the back foot but against it.

Then as you lift the front foot coil the whole body (hips and shoulders) slightly inward. You will land slightly closed, don’t load the hands yet. Do this drill a few dozen times for a couple days.


Do drill 1 but just before you land transition the rear foot to the instep (“back knee down and in”). This reverses the hip coil and starts to open the hips. At the same time pull back the rear elbow and keep the shoulders closed. Goal is to land with hips slightly open, shoulders closed and hands loaded.

After mastering drill one do this for a few days.

3. Finish turn

At the same time extend lead leg, finish the turn hard and depending on stride length pull the back foot under you. In the end stop everything and hold finish.don’t spin through but decelerate rotation sharp at the finish.

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